The Great Reset

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

~Lines of Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann


In the 21st century, when the modern age was hit by the most severe scale of the pandemic, almost every foundation of civilisation collapsed.

Stephanie Marsayudi is the head of a Companionship service, a talking friend serving as a physical presence in the post-pandemic world where the society is divided into two major classes: The Protected and The Immune. The Protected must stay at home and will be regarded as violating the law should they ever leave their designated space. The Companions visit the Immune to talk or do small errands. On one visit, her client is a housewife in an abusive household.

Working together with her teammates, they come up with a proposal to the Council to grant a financial safety net so the victims of domestic violence and other Immune people left without dreams can rebuild their life. As old friendships drift apart, Stephanie encounters new people on her path, and more importantly, a colossal shift in her reality. 

TAGS: dystopian society, universal basic income, political, slices of life

Book 1: 23 Chapters + 1 Prologue

Book 2: Ongoing WIP


Book 1


Chapter 1: Talk About Today

Chapter 2. ​​A New Enigma

Chapter 2. ​​A New Enigma

Stephanie met some clients of a similar socioeconomic background as Lila’s, and many of them could be grouped into one user persona—a common profile.  If Lila’s family was lacking one of the family members, then Stephanie would take great care to avoid sorrowful topics from the conversation. That could wait …


There was not a single best solution to run the world, Stephanie thought. Where there were humans, there were problems. Previously, when it was still split into hundreds of countries headed by sovereign leaders, they were more or less in competition with one another, reaching their claws to the weaker …

Chapter 1. ​​Talk about Today

When our earth lost three-quarters of the population, a daily commute trip could be a solitary one. The graveyard of the buses, government-issued or private ones, stared back at Stephanie mockingly silent as she was passing the pile of junks. A black drone flying nearby sent ripples of buzzing noise …

Bahagia Itu Walaupun, Bukan Kalau

Aku tergelitik untuk menuliskan pengalaman saat membaca informasi dari Satu Persen. Yang diminta adalah membagikan tips untuk berbahagia dengan caraku sendiri. Bahagia? Aku termenung membacanya. Dalam kondisi dunia kaya gini, pandemi, banyak bisnis mati suri dan orang kehilangan pekerjaan, masih pantaskah mengejar rasa bahagia? Untungnya, aku segera sadar. Kebahagiaan adalah …

Kafka on the Shore and Princess Scheherazade

I’m in the middle of Kafka on the Shore by Mr Haruki Murakami and had finished Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Mr Salman Rushdie. Both have surrealism (or magical realism, I suppose) elements in their stories and I’d like to give my two cents. I know that …


Yesterday my colleagues and I discussed something about the Wuhan outbreak. It was inevitable that the victims, alive or dead, were becoming numbers on a spreadsheet or news items. Somebody quoted, “It’s said that a human’s death is a tragedy. But collective demise is statistics.” True, this was an honest …

Done is Better than Perfect

Done is better than perfect.At first, this idea appalled me. How come done is better than perfect? Are we settling for mediocrity now? Is it the trend? But having subconsciously following this mantra for more than 2 years yet, I found the grace and beauty in it. It is not …

Reality: Inside or Outside?

I finished reading 1984 by George Orwell, A Beginner’s Guide of Reality by Jim Baggott, and halfway through Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. I find the underlying common theme of the three books is about the existence of absolute reality or the lack thereof. The Orwellian universe in a state …