There’s No Eucharist at the Rig

When I was working for an oilfield service company as a field engineer, I was assigned to various rigs, hopping on and off on weekly (sometimes daily) basis. There was barely any time for me to reflect on my life, let alone create a career plan. Mind was too much …

My Natural Skincare Regime

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my blog. ~meniru para youtuber yang #welkambektumaicenel Berabad-abad yang lalu saya pernah posting soal perjalanan saya menjadi natural skincare addict. Karena kesibukan ini dan ono, yang menjadi alasan standar untuk menghindar dari rutinitas ngeblog, maka baru kali ini lho saya bisa post apa aja produk …

3 Main Lessons Learned after Being Laid Off

Or a hindsight 20/20 of things you should think about right now, regardless of your employment status Resilience is the game-changer. It is the invisible and invincible power that pulls you out from bottomless pit to back on your course. I learned it the hard way. In just 2 months …

The Door is in This Side, Miss

This post is originally posted at my another WP blog: Griyatawang My recent experience with a darn telephone box is a perfect embodiment of what Don Norman wrote in his book The Design of Everyday Things. I work in a startup company purchased by much larger and older startup company, and …


And when I run, I run extra mile for you For all the unspoken feeling For the exchange of glances For pitter-patter that never be put into words Just jumbling in our minds Just because we are too afraid of what life might offer   One extra mile For you

About Me

An avid fan of chamomile tea. Drinks black coffee once in a while. Loves rain. A bilingual, hence the posts are in English or Indonesia. I write poems and short stories to channel out my inner battle and rumbling voice in my head. I will publish my book on poems …


Drenched in the rain
Old life trailing its stain
Purpose finding, ages spent
Within soul, only left lament

Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash