Tulisan Sekar Langit

Black coffee. Chamomile tea. Notebook. 2am.
Here’s My Journey to a Healthier, Happier Life
It felt so empowering that I chose the best and least harmful products for my body.
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Scratching a PM’s Surface
A PM is an intersection in Venn diagram. A PM should be able to translate business requirement into products while executing the delivery of the...
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3 Main Lessons Learned after Being Laid Off
Or a hindsight 20/20 of things you should think about right now, regardless of your employment status Resilience is the game-changer. It is the invisible...
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The Door is in This Side, Miss
This post is originally posted at my another WP blog: Griyatawang My recent experience with a darn telephone box is a perfect embodiment of what...
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And when I run, I run extra mile for you For all the unspoken feeling For the exchange of glances For pitter-patter that never be...
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Money Management: 5 Tips That Work for Me
Talking about the topic that people are either: a. happily responding, or b. politely avoiding
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