Tulisan Sekar Langit

Black coffee. Chamomile tea. Notebook. 2am.
Resolusi Bisnis 2019: Marketing My Book
Selamat Tahun Baru, Happy New Year, untuk seluruh pembaca setia Tulisansekarlangit. Jangan lupa follow akun media sosial saya ya. Tahun 2018 sudah berakhir. Tentunya kalian...
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What My Job Contributes to My Writing
There are plenty of articles gracing on the internet about writers who happen to have a daily job; some of them are 9-5, and the...
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How I Finished a 19k-word Novella in 12 Days
This piece is not just about how to craft words into decent writing with title and ending. This is about commitment to side hustle. Seriously,...
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Female Solo Travelling: Singapore Itinerary
I never went to Singapore. True. So, when the opportunity came, or more like the idea just came cross my mind, I immediately booked return...
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There’s No Eucharist at the Rig
When I was working for an oilfield service company as a field engineer, I was assigned to various rigs, hopping on and off on weekly...
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My Natural Skincare Regime
Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my blog. ~meniru para youtuber yang #welkambektumaicenel Berabad-abad yang lalu saya pernah posting soal perjalanan saya menjadi natural skincare addict....
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